Choose Our Residential Landscaping Service for Your Lawn!

Although lawn mowing isn’t particularly difficult to do, sometimes you just have to hire a professional to get you back on track. It may have already been a few months since you last mowed the lawn because you haven’t had the time. The grass is getting out of control, and the weeds are reaching the fence by now. To help you out, you can contact Benavides Gardening. We a residential landscaping service that can help you mow your lawn in Spring Valley, CA.

Residential Landscaping Service in Spring Valley, CA

Why Mow the Lawn on a Regular Basis?

Mowing should be done regularly to prevent the grass from getting out of control. However, you’d be surprised to know other reasons why you should mow on the regular. First, tall grass can be a good hiding place for wild creatures. They can easily sneak up to your house and get inside when you least expect it. On the other hand, you should also mow the lawn at a reasonable height because if you cut the grass too short, weeds will start to grow. Cut regularly but make sure you leave enough to cover the soil from the sun.

Why Get Our Regular Lawn Mowing Service?

Our regular lawn mowing service covers cutting, watering, and fertilizing the lawn to promote healthier growth. We will use the latest lawn mowing tools to cut it at the appropriate length. We also water properly so that the soil will be able to absorb enough water before the sun dries it up. The fertilizer that we use is free of any harmful chemicals that can kill other plants. Our 18 years as a residential landscaping service has given us a few tips and tricks on how to do a better job at improving the health of the lawn and its maintenance altogether. Other landscaping services that we also offer include gardening, lawn maintenance, landscaping, sprinkler repair and installation, debris hauling, tree trimming, new grass installation, and hedge trimming.

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Benavides Gardening is a residential landscaping service that will help you get you back on track with the health of your lawn. Residents in Spring Valley, CA can get our regular lawn mowing services by calling us at (619) 285-4872 today!