Lawn Maintenance Professionals Help You Spot Dead Grass

How Do You Know When Grass Is Dead?

When grass goes brown, it’s usually because water and nutrients are scarce in the soil or the grass has lost its ability to take them in. Your grass turning brown is not cause for alarm. When grass generally lays dormant in the heat of summer, it may be difficult to distinguish the difference between living and dead grass. In order to tell if a species of grass has truly vanished or is just sleeping off for the winter, it is helpful to be familiar with Lawn Maintenance and the signs of both death and hibernation.

What does it signify when the grass goes dormant?

The grass will perish if it is not consistently watered and fertilized. If temperatures rise over their ideal range, cool-season grasses become dormant to store water to be used during drought. In the cold of winter, warm-season grass dies and goes dormant. Dormancy, expressed simply, is a survival technique that permits an organism to keep on alive even after being left alone for a long period.

Recognizing the distinctions between dormant and dead.

The appearance of grass during the dormant period is generally brown and lifeless. To distinguish between the two, one needs just do an experiment in one’s own garden. Get your hand out of the way and yank firmly on a blade of grass. Remove unkempt grass with little work. It’s likely that the grass that’s proving so troublesome to get rid of is simply dormant. The capacity to tell grass from dirt is another indicator. The grass won’t regrow no matter how much water or fertilizer you give it.

The telltale symptoms of a grass death.

It’s possible to identify whether your dead lawn is truly dead or just dormant by observing the layout of browning grass. Any patches of brownness on the grass, no matter how small, should be considered dying. It’s possible that the grass isn’t growing if it’s brown. If you want your grass to grow back, you’ll need to address the issues that have caused its decline as soon as possible.

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